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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Synchroscheme (Vesania)

I walked through the dimensions incorporeal and I looked with the eyes of the dragon through the fabulous gates to the other aeons to see incredible dreams of mists fosforizing enchanting mirages of omnipotent kingdoms forget about your earthly wounds, grievous disaster, trust no one! 'you are creatures of light for light have you come, to light shall you go and surrounding you through every step is the light of your infinite being' 'the world of me was not a word it was not even a thought, but it was reality more real than this one, to which I was assigned' my shadow disappeared at the moment when I looked at the sun for the last time 'no wonder, therefore in all the world if a shadow darkens upon my spirit when I reflect on the fates of men - how one by one, proud warriors vanish from the halls that knew them and day by day, all this earth ages droop unto death' no man may know the wisdom, thus spake the sage! 'by your choice dwell you now in the world, that you have created what you hold in your heart shall be true and what you most admire, that shall you become' dreams steal the night and they go away without farewell taking away the consciousness: what should I become to understand...