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Laser Beams (Wintersleep)

One day laser beams will cure my sight Negative five, that's pretty much blind I wanna see what you know. Stare so deep into the laptop light Sip your coffee and stare Like you got somethin to say, but you can't say it Cause it just ain't there anymore. The vike premonition flexed in its might Converse with absolute time, and space And time and space and time and space and nothin really matters anymore. You can't say it, don't ever say it Its not tangable, it's not even relevant A warm hand, a short skirt, a soft blanket, a trusty appliance A fifty-seven in mathematics An oxygen mask, they'll stick it and never come back They'll never come back, they'll never come back anymore. Are you with me and am I wrong? These silly old songs, do they mean anythin or am I just wrong? Am I just wrong, am I just wrong? How did I ever get so God damned dumb? A forigen lick from a familiar tongue. Its not one you love, but its familiar enough Mouth full of teeth chewed up and spit on the ground When I speak I'm not words, just white naked sound Carelessly rendered, scattered around. Random. Animal. Clumsily stitched together. Forever alien and forever altered Floating in absolute time, and space and time and space and time and space and nothin really matters anymore.