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Shame On Me (Rachel Proctor)

Shame on me for what I'm thinking; Shame on you for making me think; Shame on me for what I'm dreaming; Shame on you for being in my dream; Blame it on me, I can't quit smiling; Blame it on you, and your smiling face; Blame it on me, I can't stop looking; Blame it on you, for looking that way! Ain't no point in pointin' fingers There's enough blame to go around Tell me since when were there ever two dreamers That ever had enough sense to slow it down Shame on me for what I'm feeling; Shame on you for feeling so good; Shame on me, I want to kiss ya; Shame on you, I believe I could! Shame on me, Shame on you Shame on love and what it's making us do It's my fault that I'm falling It's your fault for making me fall Funny when love comes calling It ain't no one's fault at all