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Built On Lies (Gangster) (Steriogram)

Oh tough guy- living your rhymes or is it just in your mind? My mistake, were you actually just living a lie? Nevertheless, so continuous. I know your playing the part but its so ridiculous Now i know its just that you want to feel high, And dont get me wrong cause i think its alright. One thing discovered, one thing i have found Is that everybody wants to be a gangster When they turn off the light A vision of a million dollar banner "wanted dead or alive" In the dead of the night I never thought i'd ever see a World war made up Whole thing built on lies Oh you dont walk you dance, I love the way you glance at everybody to intimidate them with your staunch stance. Well at first he's got the thrill, the machines all set to kill And he hopes you'll come around but i guess i never will Everybody wants to have their minute while its hot But i dont like killing just so we can dig their land up I dont really get it and i guess i never will.