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Just Like You (Steriogram)

What's happening, what's cracking For two minutes twenty seconds Long day drive on searching through to find that song Good sex mad text Its all gone wrong oh what is next Old mates first date oh man your running late Just like you, just might do What we do is watching you now Overstate intoxicated Relocate sophisticated Getting fat the keg is tapped Its time for us to mack Phone call too scared Ring her now so unprepared To board, no friends New towns outside see where it ends Broken hearted, bad blood Just got fired So much love Home alone night in When will this life begin I just wont let it be Let it fly I just wont let it breathe Stop staring in my eyes Stare and let it go I know that you wont stay You wont be Stop staring in my eyes. Correct these lyrics (function() {var opts = {artist: "Steriogram", song: "Just Like You", genre: "Alternative", adunit_id: 39382159, div_id: "cf_async_" + Math.floor((Math.random() * 999999999)), hostname: ""}; document.write('');var c=function(){cf.showAsyncAd(opts)};if(;else{cf_async=!0;var r=document.createElement("script"),s=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];r.async=!0;r.src="//"+opts.hostname+"/showads/showad.js";r.readyState?r.onreadystatechange=function(){if("loaded"==r.readyState||"complete"==r.readyState)r.onreadystatechange=null,c()}:r.onload=c;s.parentNode.insertBefore(r,s)};})();