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Words As Weapons (Antaeus)

Words brought back to life Those meaning and those invective tone we had What did affect without effect Took another form one will never neglect Torments of angels that faded All those shade I had to sew back making all one Reaching none while All those shadows I had to fake Hiding some form Praying the One... Trapped in a body My own betrayer Not allowing any moves nor excess An unsharp tool that damage unity An enemy within that evolves toward statues Lack of motion, lack of action, Mind overprocessing For he hath shown the way and put on my path The pain and the torture of a shattered body I shall go on, wearing the burden of Pain, turning it Glorifying it For it didn't limit the strong For it didn't stop the Evilution For it just changed the process And made the whole scheme higher Battling on different mindfield Words as weapons Eyes as judges Smell the viktory & sense the defeat