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Pumping Iron For Enya (Atom and His Package)

i joined a gym, although its not punk at all, but i gotta look good and lower my cholesterol. there's one girl i want to notice me. i'll have a slightly better chance if my body is buff you see. i'm being obsessive, B-E obsessive. her name is enya, for her, im running this mile, and it will upset my parents that i am stalking a gentile. i'm willing to do anything, i'll be her slave. there's only one word difference in "new age" and "new wave". we can sing it enya, your synthesizer or mine, it's all the same, and doesn't enya goren oronoco flow, like the perfect name? so i joined a gym with my dad, we were both scared, and it's always pretty weird seeing your dad in his underwear. at the universal machine, i put the weight at 1 lbs. you see, i bench the thing up and down real fast and everybody envies me. you don't even know me enya, and i've only seen your face on the cover of your cd. i'm waiting for you enya, so please enya wait for me. your heart could fall for mine if you let it, i wrote you a love letter did you get it? though i know this might sound strange, if you don't like who i am, maybe i can change.