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A-Wax (Stalley)

Y'all niggas hurry up. Go in there, buck them niggas and get the fuck out. Don't be playin, ya hear what I'm sayin? Kill them niggas and get the fuck back so we can stay ballin', I'm a be chillin right here. Champagne pourin', big joint rollin' Bombay sippin', bad bitch gettin' Just got the whip detailed 800 horses in the car, V-12 My girl doing her nails, don't let the polish spill As I bend the corners, tilting down the hill cup on chill Triple stacked up, racked up with a deal Do what I want, man, bump how they feel About it I'm about it nigga that's just how it is Fast cars, gold chains that's just how I live You don't like it, do something Scrap and shoot somethin' Niggas all bark, no bite, ain't gon' do nothing Weak lames hate see a young king stunting In my King James 100 miles and runnin' All my niggas gettin' papers ain't nobody here for nothin' And they all killing for me so don't let 'em get the dumpin' For my homies dead and gone, go and spill something Livin' for my niggas in the feds doing real numbers Heavy rotations on the blunts ain't tryna feel nothing, zoned out Glass house comes with the push buttons, overdrive I'm Superfly, Ron O'Neal suit and tie Hustler to the max, if you want it done right homie come to the wax Champagne pourin', big joint rollin' Bombay sippin', bad bitch gettin' Ey, homie, you need some help? Punk ass niggas, come on niggas. A-Wax in the two seater Bad diva pourin' a pint in a two liter Blue flannel tan khaki's tucking two heaters 45 Desert Eagles fitted by Leaders Blue sneakers stay fleet when I'm out Gold in my mouth talk diamonds like a jeweler Rings on my fingers call me Slick Rick the Ruler Whoever don't like me middle finger to ya Booyah, booyah I send shots straight through ya Talents rip you apart niggas can't kill ya Don't compare my talent to y'all, y'all niggas straight losers I'm a bully, I'm a Boozer, couch standin' Tom Cruiser My champagne cooler, plain Jane Muller Blueberry Swisher sweets Mary Jane blower Leave with any girl that I choose like I know her Passionate 'bout my game, like Joakim Noah I'm a bull Champagne pourin', big joint rollin' Bombay sippin', bad bitch gettin'