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Hercules (Stalley)

Hercules... elevate Rap warlord stay on point, like a scoreboard Coming to get everything I worked for Never been a church boy, but always knew god Played the game hard never took nothing lightly Stumbled any nigga trying to fight me, I'm not the push over type see I will come back with thunder and lightning Played under rain storms, hard times I came from It's hot on your side Well nigga it's the same sun Hustle from the same bag, delivery the eigth one I ain't never lost one since stolen crumb I'm back on my herc ish Lion skin long club, that's what I'm working with Srtonger than you other kids, wide eyed lived Focused on my weight gain, Lou Ferrigno chisel man Ain't nothing really chainged, I'm just cleaning up now Tossing out you weaklings, cc-coming for you haters I hear everything you speaking Raps like high school That's why I dropped out I rather do home school I better not around you, lames be the downfall To a wise leader and a good friend I step away before I let you niggas kill my legend Ain't a blood type to specimen like him I must be Hercules I must be Hercules Her-Hercules I must be Hercules I must, I must