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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Petrin Hill Peonies (Stalley)

Skipping rocks on this Pebble Beach Rolling marijuana leaves Staring through this blue dream Trying to formulate this piece of mind into a speech Alone, but these snakes leech Trying to wrap (rap) around my ideas I'm just trying to wrap (rap) around my mind's fears, blind tears You can't see the pain, but your ears hear Everything my heart shares I'm just trying to part here (part hair) So I sit and spark here Smoking till I'm numb, yeah Really, I just want the pain to go Money, I ain't aiming fo' I just wanna lay low Farm house, stable Chevy with them fo' 27's When I'm revving (reverend), hear them angels I'm like they screaming through my songs My testimony shows, I rose Through the rumble, never crumble Held my head and stayed humble Never did I succumb to That fake ish, I run through Right down to Sally's Garden and sit comfortable She loves me, she loves me not... Walking through, picking all these roses Dreaming of Ferrari Testarossas And '76 Chevy Roadsters Like the ones on my bedroom posters Right next to the pin-ups and the toasters My dream wasn't Oprah's I just want the normal life Shoot guns with a pretty wife But that life No longer isn't sitting right I can't sleep at night It's been that way for years My life's been on cruise control It's time I switch gears Sally's Garden, only thing that moves me The grass blades and the trees, they be talking to me It's like some type of trippy movie That all ends up on the loose-leaf And every time I leave, I lose peace God, please have mercy on my soul Accept everything I owe And help me let go Of all the things you deem sinful I move fast, I'm 10 steps from being slow And my change is worth gold She loves me, she loves me not...