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Swangin' (Stalley)

Climb on in, let’s ride I’ll show you what it really look like High up in the sky, like overpasses Pullin’ in the intersection Give a whole new meaning to the words “moon roof” Outer space, baby I don’t think you were ever this high in a vehicle, ever I’mma show you how to twerk the wheel I’mma show you how to twerk the wheel I’mma show you, I’mma show you how how to twerk the wheel I’mma show you, I’mma show you how how to twerk the wheel Chrome on the feet, chrome pipes, chrome grill Swang, cock the wheel, hope my drink don’t spill, damn (2x) I’mma show you how to twerk the wheel Two fingers, bending corners, the block stand still Cops on my heels but I’m beating down still Chrome on my lap for these jackers out to kill Feet size Shaquille, it’s magic how the paint pop the grill Pop the clutch and squeal, blades chop like Kill Bill Grab my shells and roll up, triple stack my cups up Jolly Ranchers and Xanax, my special potion cola My seats feel like sofas, cup in my hand, no coasters This drink don’t spill, I’m focused I sip up and I smoke up All in one motion, doing 60 I’m floatin’ Elbow out the window, I’m gloatin’ Ridin’ in slow motion, my new car look like my old one Boy, boy, boy I see you… (I know) Boy, boy, boy I see you… (I know) Boy, boy, boy I see you swangin’ Cherry red paint make the frame glow Them gold flakes make it rainbow When the sun hit it it shine from every angle Furry red dice dangle from the rearview, a pimp’s cathedral Diamond in the back, the hard top is my halo Let my sweet angel ride shotgun and chill My music jam, I’m banging Screw Shout-out to my Houston crew Uncle Bun and Scarface the reason why my car laced With a detachable alpine face, fifteens and loud bass Had to listen to Screw, right? First time I poured lean I had to use up two Sprites I swear I drove like all night Under that Houston star, lazy – rest in peace to Pimp And Big Moe, the Barre Baby, the Barre Baby, the Barre Baby Glass 84s gleaming under my ride A summertime vibe, it’s 1995 Back when DJ Screw had the city slowed down Three in the morning, drank was pouring out Back to take you back to where you couldn’t ride slab ‘Cause the elbow killer comin’, tippin’ up the ave And catch a nigga slippin’, then beat you for your shit And put a bullet in your head, leavin’ your people sick That’s why I be trippin’ when I see ‘em ridin’ Vogues I whisper to myself “boy, these niggas don’t know” Flaked out boat paint, they Hollywood hoppin’ With French antennas, the pop, doors poppin’ The eighteens speaking so it’s no back seat Got them big head rests, and one fat freak That’ll suck a nigga dick off, a Southside thing You can zig, zag and lace, but you ain’t Southside, man You see my swangin’… swangin’…