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Fatal Poison Whisper (Mendeed)

...And in the end your words are poison A simple line is fatal for whom that will believe You infiltrate with toxic deceit And no one can see it Lies - your verbal disease is contagious False friends are everywhere And that's your motivation Manipulating feeble minds Manipulation Euphoria battles despair Are you so far satisfied while I'm losing everything? Trusting is suffocation - willing asphyxiation Ignorance is self-infliction - ignorance is death Lie Lie Fatal Poison Whisper Crucify myself. Crucify I should've fucking stopped you Eradicate your false flow Push you to the limits Cut your instincts Slit your fucking throat and pull your fucking tongue Slit your throat Your time shall come when you fall Trepidation is all that you'll feel Fear will be your curse Eternal Pain Time will see you fall at my feet In the end you'll be forgiveness You will feel the pain I'm feeling This is who we are