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Ignite The Flames (Mendeed)

I can't stop, it's my addiction, now born again, it always beats me Question me? I have failed The power reaches me Come feel - It makes me feel Reaching my shadow breaking trepidation I can't resist when it cries Trust in me Ignite the flames (Raises me from eternal darkness I can see) Awakening my soul Now I feel (Its not real) Like the spirit is my own I will not trust. I will not take you now. Glad to have met you but now that I see you are false I will trust in me The guilt, the guilt, I cant handle the thought of it and who i've let down I need to be free, free away from you and temptation Craving, needing, seeking, loathing What I become when i'm with you, i'm dying So close to death but yet I live I order you rest in peace We both can't function We cannot co-exist The war still rages This war ignites the flames of life