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Perpetual Sin (Mendeed)

As it goes on I don't know if I can take more of this An everyday abandonment of a less painful time Hedonistic, pessimistic, masochist, chaos My silent truth, past well hidden Do you realise what I am going through? False life Lie Contradiction Blind vision God help save me, God help kill the demon raping my soul God can't help save me; God can't help kill the demon raping my soul I try to forget I will make you feel like I did Slaughter your hopes and your dreams then you'll see through my eyes Come back blind to me So far my dedication to succeed has got me through this time But how much longer can a dream block out reality? Could I always just block out reality? If I were blind I wouldn't have to see If I were deaf I would never hear If I were dumb I wouldn't have to speak My senses numb, a pleasure pain for me Manipulation is vital for your way of life Manipulation breeds Plagiarism - steal your thoughts from someone else Plagiarisation Go to hell Rot I will survive to orchestrate your fall Cleansing us all of parasite one - destroy Repent your sin