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Resurrecting Hope (Mendeed)

Another kiss goodbye, another sorrowed eye, another victim of the game, do what you can to make it seem alright. Kiss my ass, don't look back, you are lost, you are last, you are living a lie. Do our eyes deceive our minds in the search for light? Fuck you. Keep your self righteous life and watch me grow. Within the sequence of your mind the programme stops the progress this is another reason to follow my heart. You forced me to follow generic blueprints but I still live inside my dreams. As you hold me down, this is time to fight your grip. Without your misdirection my life won't end in heartache fight for my generations birthright to be amazed. You've told me my passion is just a waste of time. [I] won't live my life by your rules. Gouge out my eyes [and] as the blood drips from the sockets finally it's clear; vision comes from the mind inside, the soul and the heart that binds the spirit and will for life. Signs surface everyday, the soul and the heart will show us [that] sadness can be defied. Reason calling out my name, [I'm] trying to escape from it. Reason denies the faith in me. Prepare to fall my hands are cleansed your on your own, you've had your time you can't deny it. You fall from grace, if time could speak would you believe? Or would you still be fucking blind? Your doubts won't cast shadows across my memories. You cannot take my memories.