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Stand As One And Fight For Glory (Mendeed)

We'll beat this corruption, reverse the destruction, we'll stand as one - unite to conquer those who betrayed and attacked through greed. Rise up against the hatred. A new breed dictatorship spreading the disease as we die. Their disease is war. Their disease is hate. We must purify to prevail. We can only see what we believe [and] as the world turns black our eyes must be open. Breaking the hold before we fall our spirits guide us on our way, smash down the walls and rise again, reclaim the innocence that binds us to our fate. In the battle within all weak will die, without the innocence we will not survive, without the memories we have only fear, without the soul - the life we must lead. Listen with your heart. See the world with new eyes. Rise up and justify your life - rise up and justify your life to save your soul. Rise up and justify innocence. We will survive.