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Finally (Fergie)

C 1. Ever since I was a baby girl I had a dream Bsus2 Cinderella theme F Crazy as it seems C Always knew that deep inside that there would come that day Bsus2 But I would have to wait F Make so many mistakes C I couldn't comprehend As I watched it unfold Bsus2 F This classic story told I left it in the cold C Walking through an open door that led me back to you Bsus2 F Each one unlocking more of the truth Dm7 C/E I finally stopped tripping on my youth Dm7 C/E I finally got lost inside of you Dm7 C/E I finally know that I needed to grow B9 Gsus4G And finally my mate has met my soul F R: Finally C Now my destiny can begin C9 F6 Though we will have our differences Fm6 C C11 Something strange and new is happening C F Finally C Now my life doesn't seem so bad C9 F6 It's the best that I've ever had Fm6 C Bsus2 F C Bsus2 F Give my love to him finally 2. I remember the beginning you already knew I acted like a fool Just trying to be cool Fronting like it didn't matter I just ran away And on another phase Was lost in my own space Found what its like to hurt selfishly Scared to give of me Afraid to just believe I was in a jealous, insecure, pathetic place Stumbled through the mess that I have made Finally got out of my own way I've Finally started living for today I finally know that I needed to grow And finally my mate has met my soul R: (2x) + C finally