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Assassins In The Midst (Betrayal)

No tall tales time to understand A sinister clan has a master plan They're dedicated to evil intent Into vulnerable lives is where they're sent Their cause Is hate They'll prey On the weak Perverting values and God they abort Morals and order their goal to distort They pray and fast in diligent attack For the pleasure to see a righteous man turn back God's power They shun Separations Begun Sent to the chapel on an early Sunday morn Just to show the arrogance and scorn Demonstrating defiance determined to mock and resist The satanic visitation is easy to be missed To see The church Deceived To fall Families in disarray Senses attack Of indescribable strength Who will fight Your mind's Off guard Off God They'll kill The marriages seemed to have a chance until one arrived To offer immorality and infidelity disguised Molesters and abusers watching over our little ones But all accounts invalid because they're the young? They know The game To discredit To shame Danger lies in waiting for destruction stay Disbelief their victory as ignorance doesn't pay No fabricated story or paranoia fear Just the assassin in the midst knowing they're near Don't discount the satanic alliance sent to deceive Darkened disciples are plotting domination to achieve Wisdom and discernment is where the battle's won Allowing God's intervention let his will be done