Plead The Blood (Betrayal)

Blood shed, down Calvary's cross Is the place the story starts It continues when you know Who it was Who shed His blood for you and me God's only Son gave His life So you and I can live and reign Death and hell's flames have no hold on us So claim Christ's name! In the midst of hell's attack With backs against the wall Think upon a Savior's blood The cross and the shedding of His blood There's a power in the blood of Jesus It breaks the chains that bind Stand your ground let grace abound For victory you will find! So you say you don't need Jesus today But who will you call on when your soul is burning away? Will you plead for His blood when you realize it's too late? Receive Christ's forgiveness today by the price that He paid The final scene the Judgment Throne A cross and a sinner Prosecuting, the accuser from the flames Speaks lies, "he's mine" You're kneeling face to the ground Awaiting the final verdict, "no guilty!" "I know him because He's washed in My blood", says the Son of God! "Enter to thy kingdom" The Almighty God will say Or, "depart from me you evil doer For I do not know you this day" For those who accept Jesus Will live eternally The Prince of Peace has shed His blood What will you do with it?