Prophets Of Baal (Betrayal)

Abandonment of Lord Performing spiritual adultery Forsaking God their Deliverer Prostituting themselves to Baal Sent to end this apostasy The last prophet enters the story Standing in the power of God Sends words exclaiming, "Elijah is here!" The challenge is given to the king To summon the prophet of Baal And the people of Israel upon mount caramel To settle who is God, Lord or Baal Elijah instructs, "prepare two bulls Cut into pieces and place on an altar You can call your god, I'll call the Lord And the one who answers by fire, he is God" Calling and babbling, ancient chanting arose 450 prophets of Baal danced around The altar all day with no response "Shout louder!" Elijah taunted "Oh yeah Baal is god, Ha! Ha! Right Maybe he's off somewhere travelling Or taking a little nap, just maybe!" The prophets of Baal shouted louder Slashing themselves, letting the blood flow Continuing frantic prophesying till the eve With no response, no answer, no fire Elijah smirked, "drench my altar With water just for fun" Then he prayed, "Lord let it be known That You're the God of Israel" The fire of the Lord fell Consuming everything and burning the altar The people fell face first and cried "The Lord is God! The Lord is God!" The Elijah commands, "seize the prophets of Baal Don't let them get away Slaughter them according to God For you've seen the Lord's authority today!"