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Race Of Hypocrisy (Betrayal)

[Marcus N. Colon] Society, wages war, on itself, with racial bigotry, who? Subduing who? Whites or blacks, discrimination of the skin, not evaluating ones own acts. Kill floor, the local streets, murdering peace, hatred of another's creed, excuses of ones own rage, force feeding racism, attempting to convince, by accusations toward, those they won't live with. Inner city madness, deadly southern states, everyone closing their borders, to preserve their hypocrite ways. Cross burning ghostly fools, you've grown this seed of hate, spineless tactics to bring to harm, you'll reap equivalent fate, victims of slavery past, assaulting with their blame, for abuse many received, today we're required to pay. [Jazz Solo Marcus, 2nd Solo Bob] Love is close to extinction, bitterness runs through our veins, the race of hypocrisy, all those who offer pain, Christ the one redeemer, no color in His sight, to offer all the peoples, His harmony instead of spite.