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Blow It All Away (Jewell Eilen)

Let's just keep driving you and me I like your soft voice and your pleasant company We can pull each other out of this dusty little town Make a new start somewhere maybe settle down I wanna get me a mean little bike Black and chrome or anything you like You can teach me how to ride it in style Put it on the pike and head south a million miles I asked the wind as it blew on by What we should do and it replied Blow it all away All these burdens needn't stay I wanna fix up a row boat for you We could row it out at sunset and you know what we could do Doesn't it feel like this is how it should be These stars, these dreams, and you and me Sometimes I feel like the world's on my back Like there's so much to lose and so much I lack But the truth is the world's at my command The way you love me it's all in my hands A breath and a wish, and we're gone