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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Thanks A Lot (Jewell Eilen)

You’re tellin’ everyone in town that I don’t treat you right You even say I stay away and don’t come home at night I’m losin’ you and you are all I’ve got Thanks a lot, thanks a lot It seems you like to hurt me even though I’m good to you I’d give you everything I own do anything you want me to Now you’ve really got me on the spot Thanks a lot, thanks a lot Still I would forgive you if you’d let me I’d be glad if we could try again But it seems that you’re just out to get me And it looks as if you’re just about to win No matter what you do I always will love you And you will never know how it hurts to see you go After callin’ me those things you know I’m not Thanks a lot, thanks a lot Thanks a lot, thanks a lot