Freaks (Rigor Mortis)

The faces deformed and grotesque The disfigured bodies and limbs You cringe at the sickening sight The freaks are accepting you in Hide your disgust as they greet you They cannot help their misfortune You can't seem to help but wonder Are their minds as warped as their form' Unnatural humanoids proud to be one of their kind Unique imperfections bent for revenge on the world Plotting to turn all mankind into creatures obsene You shall be next to be transformed into one of them ...Pray for your death! Drugs of unknown chemicals Cruel hacksaw surgery Altered features of your head Make you a monstrosity Soon you will realize that you are one of them No turning back now because you belong to them Seeing the horrible things that were done by them ...You are a FREAK! Forgetting the life you once knew Reality you must accept Knowing resistance is useless You will do what they expect There soon will be hordes of people Who crave to view mutated flesh And you shall choose the next victem For hideous transformation! You will obey the code of the freaks You'll help their cause till the world is one You love the freaks - you are a freak Long Live The Freaks!