Six Feet Under - Worms Of The Earth (Rigor Mortis)

Digging their way through rotted earth Clawing their way from the grave They're dead but they live and they hunger And it's fresh human flesh that they crave The corpses of long dead and rotten Family and friends that you knew The legions of lost and forgotten Are rising and coming for you Worms of the earth! Worms of the earth! Your brain can't accept what's happening Your mind wants to snap at the sight So numb with fear at your immenent fate You don't even feel the first bite Rotted teeth tear the meat from your bone You watch as they eat you alive Drinking your blood and chewing your guts And ripping out your insides Worms of the earth! Worms of the earth! Life is over death begins A new existance with no end The endless night of death consumes you Purgatory's grip consumes you In painful death unholy birth The living dead - the worms of the earth!