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Tough (Technotronic)

Better be tough I have a special little sauce, So I was at a party Something that I never hide, Is the way that I ride A bass line, or a stare Or a bass drum, suckas, Comes naturally ‘Cus I have originality E is never scared Now, you knoe I’m prepared Is it the same story? You got something for me? Nah, I’ve got something for you It’s positivity Negative I never give Or maybe you’re dissing me On account of the fact that me I’m realistic, real And this is just the way I feel The deal is to respect the other man’s views But the other man’s views are just A hand with a bullet through it? Nothing, whenever they talk they just bluffing Unless, of course, they discussing effect I’m on vinyl amp it ‘til it’s final, I drop the science Cus I ain’t gonna let it drop Why Why does it got to be So damn tough Better be tough I used to rhyme in a time When I was carefree With a carefree attitude I knew I didn’t have to prove anything Didn’t have a party, or any diamond ring ‘Cus I didn’t have the cash And I don’t commit sins To obtain the material benefits Yo, the harder my work, the more I had to pay So, became a man as a youngster Spreading out positive vibes To little punks that’s busted Couple brothers were also microphone lovers In the days a lot of your mothers Would stay out late with a lot of others In my hometown, you were the best fit That’s why when I’m on top, you’re arrested Now, you think you’re good to go But you can’t go, because I’m rocking the ho’ I’ve been snapped up, by a record company, jettisoned Slapped, even your girlfriend, she cracked up Lapped up, hearing your ridiculous statements Me and Technotronic, terror basement Peace Better be toug