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Erase (From Zero)

You seem to think that times have changed It's all around beside me what you cry Endless ever waiting Like the time I felt so jaded Don't you ever try? So where's your alibi It feels like someone Killed my soul and told me what to say Now I am old and faded I'm super jaded I spend my time alone Give me back my life Erase me Spend my time Don't spend my time, yeah And now you consequently think about The fate you made It's what you pride And the thought of losing face Is just too great for you to be the one Who's left behind? You're on the Other Side I'm standing beside myself I feel like sleeping Erasing me was I feel like flying Erasing me was But I never do what I say I will It feels like someone killed me So before you take this step Why don't you put yourself inside me? He can never be just like me And I know, and you know But he takes my place