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Greed (Pay money To my Pain)

Hey wise guy, I'm talking to you How's your business? Everything is going good? You get some money from the fucking toilet Wash your hands before you give me your paw Yo shit-head, what's up motherfucker?! I haven't seen you while you've been in jail? I've got some great news for you Fat-ass gonna pay for a fucking bail bond You got the hump cuz your money dropped off How much you need, I can lend it to you You should realize money doesn't talk The end of money is the end of your life Greed Hey asshole, are you still there? Do you need help? Let me load the gun of your Now you see who's the victim Are you the hunter or the hunted? Isolate yourself from society You don't even have any clue you freak What're you gonna do? You gonna pull the trigger? It's up to you, that's the worst escape You're in misery cuz you're fucking broke Clean up the toilet where you've been You should realize money does't talk The end of money is the end of your life Greed Now what do you see? Open your eyes Greed