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Hourglass (Pay money To my Pain)

People walking through me In this frosty town Traffic noise makes me feel calm This moonless night A kiss of loveless feeling The ice is melting now like your heart Hourglass keeps telling me the time And I have to change the flow The cross over I'd never lie to you But you disappeared I am so alone Do you believe that this was meant to be? I never trust my fate Everything fades away in the end People staring through me In this frosty town Empty streets and no one's home This moonless night In the silence Hourglass never flow Everyday I die And every night I'm born Can you help me now? Everything fades away In the end I'm the one with no name No one knows about me You can trust me I'm ok I just wanna be alone I don't feel anymore I might forget my name Can you tell me who I am? Everyday I lie For protection from enemies But I realized I am the enemy Everyday I die And every night I'm born Like the hourglass It never flows It never flows Eternally No, it never flows Enternally