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The Answer Is Not In The TV (Pay money To my Pain)

It's just like you wake up in the morning She brings to you a coffee as usual Don't open the window I'm still sleepy (I)don't have any plans to do anything Turn on the TV, kill the silence But TV says“today's your lucky day” It's so annoying you're just such a faker Over the screen you can say anything Let's break the TV down You're gonna understand what you really need Go on this is your life You're gonna break it down then you wake up Let's break the TV down There's nothing in here that you've been looking for Go on this is your life Just get the information only you need Living this life is not so easy I here someone's tripping out again We really need something make us stronger It's not a drug, it's more spiritual Turn off the TV and go out side You don't have to stay at home today Listen inside, what do you really want? The answer's already in your hands The answer's already in your hands Now it's the time you pay back You're already holding the answer Just talk to yourself, you'll find