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Voices Of The Underground (Atrocity Solution)

This is why we live. and this is what we die for. It's flowing through my veins through my bones through my heart and soul. I can't control this feeling as it's creeping to my lips I'm screaming. Turn the volume up to ten and raise your glass up to that sound of our vision Free expression sing it loud and drink 'em down. This is the shit that makes us free and you can't tear that out of me. In this age we walk beside all the music that was left behind their time. We can't ignore that vibrant chord and the beat drums on and on and on. In this time there is a turn the underground sound will be fuckin heard. It's in our heads and in our hearts and the beat drums on and on and on. And we rise To the sound of the chord the moving vibration And we rise To the beat of the drum the march of the movement The underground will be fucking heard This is for the free cuz this is from the underground Flowing through the streets through the seas and your stereo Forget your problems let them go and let the music take control. Turn the volume up to ten and raise your fist up to that sound That makes a difference in your life the sound that makes you feel alive. We'll never sell out never fall victim to conformist law. This is the underground. Propose a toast to what we've found. In honor of this fucking sound. Raise 'em up and drink them down.