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Avenue A (The Dictators)

Benny got a new tattoo Down at the St. Mark's Zoo He walked down to the park Drinkin 40's, till it's dark Talkin to a grey haired man In a tie-dyed shirt and ragged pants He said, That's where the hippies used to play Down on Avenue A Susie got a new pair of shoes Now she don't know what to do So she's sitting in the Park Smokin pot till it's dark Talking to a toothless man With spiky hair And leather pants He said, I knew Stiv in the day And that's where the junkies used to play Down on Avenue A When every memory is gone and everything you know is wrong Takin the edge off on a beautiful day with a Frappacino and a cr鑝e brulee yeah, it's all over when you see a Range Rover and to my bodega, I say hasta luega it's not what you do, it's what you say and it's not who you know, it's who you pay Down on Avenue A