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Blow Ya Mind (DJ Ren Freestyle) (Ms. Jade)

[Intro] Yo this is Ms. Jade And Philly's number one DJ, DJ Ren Uh, yeah [Ms. Jade] Yo yo, drop your glasses, shake ya asses Philly's number one DJ Ren teachin' classes Stop the dumbness, Ms. Jade run this The gun in the clip, I'm making ya'll duck quick Got different strategies, I play it from every angle Philly chick, Slicker than Rick in his furry Kangol From now on rap ain't rap without me And y'all mad cuz Ren the best DJ They gonna announce me, and ya'll gonna sleep I'm gonna awake ya'll, and ya'll gon' peep How a young broad from north Philly snuck up in the game Why you tremblin', still sneakin' your cousin, shame Substaintial amounts of money, I'm signin' my name I'm workin' on the Caddy Pick-Up, ain't stuntin' the Range Ya'll aint satisfied wit' jinglin' baby Changed, the bold Ren, the best DJ in the damn game Uh yeah, Ms. Jade, DJ Ren Phillys number one DJ, 215, Beat Club, yea