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Damn Rightt (Ms. Jade)

(feat. Bubba Sparxxx) [Intro Ms. Jade] Uh, Ms. Jade, yeah It's like that old "back in the day" house party Dance contest shit right here [Verse 1 Ms. Jade] They got me, watcin' my back, looking over my shoulder I'm the best part of wakin' up, like a cup of Folgers I'm the oldest and the youngest at the same time Assitent to the beat, like we both got the same mind I got the feelin' for the flava of the figgas Ya'll dont know what ya'll done triggered Squad'll ride and turn big whipper, they love me From block niggas that shot cracks, college boys Them niggas with dreads and knapsacks I spit greasy like an S curl I don't just get 'em naucious I make them muthafuckas hurl Step it up, next level once I get involved Back flip, kick, then I spit like I'm Lara Croft The game is off, I made every shot, from every block Hydro to the ready rock, I semi pop like I got beef wit ya Dem things gonna get cha, better bring ya peeps wit ya [Chorus Bubba (Ms. Jade)] Is you a problem for them faggot boys (Damn right) Would you finish off this bottle wit me (Damn right) Could you lose it all to get some more (Damn right) Do you eat, sleep and shit Philly (Damn right) (2x) [Verse 2 Ms. Jade] Since I was suckin' on bottles, and playin' wit my rattles Cocky wit the flow, plus I'm itchin' for a battle Grab you and choke you up, toss you in the corner Flows make you drown when you sinkin' in the water Callin' for the coroner, funeral in Florida Ya'll don't wanna deal with this broad, nigga i'm warnin' ya Hot like Timmy, push ya buttons like I'm Jimmy Peep shit, street shit, Broady game in me It's a gimmick, fuck the house, I'll take it to the limit Turn ugly like a gremlin, if you messin' wit my spinach Smoke green in them Bonaville seats, lean Ms. Jade, need an army to beat me I gotta stuff you, one time you'll get it A little talent but you don't know what to do with it I'm through wit it, all that other shit is minor Key element, right next to water, sun and fire I'm from the 215, so ya'll guys better recognize Handle half and leave the rest to God Nothin' to lose and somethin' to prove I save the bender for the suckas, shit I'm breakin' the rules [Chorus 2x] [Verse 3 Ms. Jade] Ain't no way ya'll folks don't smell what I'm preparin' I ain't carin' 'bout ya mom, pop or aunt Karen I do damage on a daily basis Words boil you like hot soup and I'll let you taste it I'm the bang bang, minus the chitty cocksucka Born like 16th Street to the damn Ruckas I'm dumb nice, ruin ya dumb lives See a watch but you broke, look at ya dumb ice Sometimes I feel outta place cuz I stick out like a sore thumb Wild out so I can't wait 'til the tour come I'm like Gladys without them damn Pips Plus I smoke on them L's til my fingernails is black tips I'm so hip, ya'll see the shit that I be on Talk tough, niggas be like plastic like neons I'm disgusting, known for ball bustin' Crushin', bluffin', dustin', it's nothin' [Chorus 5x]