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Feel The Girl (Ms. Jade)

[Intro Timbaland (Ms. Jaded)] Ladies and gentlemen Ladies and gentlemen (Ms. Jade) Lay lay lay ladies and gentlemen (Ms. Jade) Ladies and gentlemen (Ms. Jade) Ladies and gentlemen (Ms. Jade) Lay ladies and gentlemen (Ms. Jade) Skrip skirt skrip lay lay (Ms. Jade) La la la lay Earr err err [Verse 1 Ms. Jade] Ms. Jade's the name comin' to ruin the game Bringin' the thunder and rain, bus or a train or a plane Me and my girls shrivel all over the world Makin' you stumble and hurl, braids, ponytails and the curls I got them folk pumpin' and movin' around Jumpin' and gettin' it down, sweatin' and workin' it now No question, gonna throw on them clothes tonight So set them bows tonight, engines gon' hum on the bikes No matter if he black, peurto rican or white Stiletto heels tonight, free chicken wings and some rice I got your dude lickin' my toes and stuff What wha wha wha what, light the chronic up! I know y'all gonna love when I do it I do it professional like Duro and Clue Doin' it all for the loot Y'all better get ya'll asses up out the seats Sweat runnin' down your cheeks, virgins turn into freaks [Chorus Timbaland (Ms.Jade)] Fricka fa frick feel the girl (Ms. Jaaaaaaade) Fricka fa frick fa frick feel the girl (Ms. Jaaaaaaade) Frickida frick fa frick feel the girl she'll (Ms. Jaaaaaaade) Light the chronic up! (2x) [Verse 2 Ms. Jade] Ya bet was lost, time to set it off Shoppin' at the mall, don't care what it cost Concerned about who be in my sheets You got beef with me? Then don't speak to me Like how my flow different kinda pace Garbage and the waste, please get out my face You wanna taste? Miss me like I'm Mase You wanna taste? Lick me William H. I'm leavin y'all toothless like Gerome Rollin' on the chromes, two ways and the phones This Philly chick ain't wit this silly shit Blunts and dutches licked, scrapin' up for rent Rat smugg-el-in', like the government Keep 'em bub-bel-in', take it on the chin So now they all duckin' from the slugs kisses and the hugs, just cut up the rug! [Chorus (2x)] [Verse 3 Ms. Jade] I ain't gon' stop, 'til I'm satisfied Chain hangin' like Nas, see right through the lies Y'all never knew a dame could be so tight killin' and feelin' it right, gettin' it on tonight We keep it real, type of chicks we are Gettin nice at the bar, bang it loud in your car I'm from the town, niggas gon' hold me down Lost but now I'm found, watch me snatch the crown I clear my throat, ladies spit what I wrote Takin' off my coat, stuntin' tryin to poke We in the back, countin' and peelin' the stacks Combin' and brushin' the tracks, y'all can't hold me back I'm comin out switchin' and changin' your route Takin' it to the house, bills and large amounts I got the club bouncin' and shakin' they frames Glass fillin', puff and then pass, if your feelin' in Philly then dance [Chorus (4x)] [Outro Timbaland] Frid fra frick fra feel the girl Frid fra freaky freaky feel the girl Freh freh freh feel feel feel the girl Shh doha doha digga doha doha fra fricky fricky feel the girl Fra fridicka feel the girl Fra freh freh freh freh freh feel feel feel feel Fra fra freaky feel