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Lightdark (Nosound)

Now I'm thinking again at your poison in vein at the days passing by now I'm lost in the night I can see you in the dim light and this house is so quiet I can hear you walking outside I still see you falling asleep you left winning your fight I remember the light when we walked in the night and the cold on the street all the food you won't eat and the silence you broke with the sound of your steps all the dreams that we made all the times that we played then that morning arrived I was ready to go but you failed to start I just knew what I saw I was feeling my legs disappearing like yours sliding down on the floor trying to reach for the door you was lying on the floor can't standup anymore.. now I'm walking alone and the nights are so long but we'll meet in the skies and I'll look in your eyes I still cry in my bed wish you here with your smell it's the lightdark it's the lightdark ..lightdark.. ..lightdark..