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She (Nosound)

I grew used To her sweet breath And her delicate laugh I trusted her words Like a child with his mum And when the dawn came And she walked away I lay down on the floor I felt my back brake She said I just got mad She said she'll be alright She shouted at me Closing the door... She took back her book And waited outside Fighting her wish to come back She said she's got mad She said it'll be alright She tried reminding me How it began... She gave back my book And waited outside Crying in the sun As I woke up your body was moving on me Your eyes smiling, that glow I still miss... Your hair and their smell caressing my face The room fading away Your hands following a trace... Whispers were raging Our bodies were burning Every night in my sleep You become her and she becomes you That morning your eyes were so bright... I feel since then I've just become blind