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Winter Will Come (Nosound)

dark clouds away and over again falling leaves moved by air a wind from far suddenly appeared sounds from the sky in my ears a well known smell all around in the air silently...suggesting...invisibly it started to rain your silence louder than words from your mouth and the future declined day after day, month after month through the maze of your mind infecting our path with several mines I know I was wishing to escape but I fell through the holes I create it's a pleasing feel to touch your skin to be here, with you, breathing again like thousanda windows on the infinite time in the dark sky the stars light shines bringing us the story of the time before the start of dead and born worlds of planets and stars like thousands windows on the infinite time in the dark sky the stars light shines of dying and born worlds of planet and stars the sun on the sea the reasons to fear the silence that grows the hate growing slow the gap between us the warmth leaving us we see what we did the places we lived your voice speaking low my voice leaving noise the phone in your hand your path to the end we left our thoughts and things flowing through the faces of friends the fire on the sand the stars in the night planets and skies is what you believed to what disappeared already in the dark I'm dying in your heart the summer has gone and winter will come it arrived...and left us behind