Death Sentence (Gospel of the Horns)

Contorted, face of deceit, bound and forsaken... Fearful tales from a soul Tempted in slumber A puppet, dancing to tunes Nightmares, bring them to wake A dagger ready to bare, inflict the fear, a trembling sensation Like moths to a flame, instant delusion, the memory escapes But the verdict draws near Hear the cry DEATH SENTENCE DEATH, DEATH DEATH SENTENCE The winter storm, gleams of ice, It shatters the mind of man Bound by the hands of fate never to forgive, Never to relinquish Hear the cry DEATH SENTENCE DEATH, DEATH YOUR DEATH SENTENCE THRASH! Nothing remains Nothing, NOTHING REMAINS! Dark visions still haunting Spirits soon appear Watching and waiting Terror draws near Futile pleas for mercy are drowned in the seas of vengeance, Protected by reality no more! Bow down to your master!