The Rites Of Demonic Possession (Gospel of the Horns)

Instantly I sleep, joined by my infernal allies On behalf of the magician, make me strong Dividing the thoughts of realism and individualism Frozen are my lips as I taste the perfume of blasphemy Thwart the non-believers in this room of mysticism Symptoms of possession in this silent night "Scandal, imperialism, as I join the demonic underground, I challenge all my faiths with the lusting for knowledge." The rites of demonic possession "The night is long and this night We shall ride with the horses of apocalypse As we join our master (Sathanas) in the abyss." I begin my voyage to immortality I confront my own fears and inhibitions Charge this knife, oh carry me beyond Enticing and weaving to achieve the hidden secrets of occultism Delving into the astral plane Resurrecting once again with diabolic forms