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All You've Got (Darling Sarah)

His name was Taylor Such a happy handsome blue eyed kid Loved to laugh loved to live And for 20 years that’s all he did It happened out of nowhere Now we're standin’ round sayin’ goodbye Wishin’ we were not You don't know friends are all you need Till friends are all you've got Just like my Grandpa The doctors said his heart was gonna go They gave him 6 months But that was 11 years ago My Grammy's still beside him Waitin’ on him hand and foot Like they just tied the knot You don't know love is all you need 'Till love is all you've got All we really have is each other But somehow we seem to forget Then life turns its pages, somethin’ changes In between redeem and regret. I feared the darkness Cause it felt like hell was running after me So I gave up and I dropped down And for the first time I got real on my knees I made a friend that day Found a love that’s lookin’ after me Even when I'm not You don't know God is all you need, till God is all you've got And you don't know God is all you need, till God is all you've got