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Feeling (The Jelly Jam)

Once on a ride I was left in the forest And the leaves and the wind Seemed to carry me home But when I arrived It was long after morning And the heat of the day Left me standing alone Voices calling I go falling in Someone said, "Let's go!" But it begins And it seems like I've been here before Leave me, my red cherry wine And I know I'll be doing just fine 'Cause I'm keeping This deep heart of mine from feeling Long after dark I was left out there wandering And I came across things I would never have seen And once in a while I'd imagine a ray of light And I'd think to myself "I might just make it out of this thing." And when I awoke, it was long after morning And it seemed like a dream, but I know it was real 'Cause the glass had been broken At the sound of a warning And the truth became known In the things I had tried to conceal