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Same Way Down (The Jelly Jam)

you found a field, you went to play you tripped and fell and I looked away, I'm sorry I was mad at how easily you were fooled and I thought that you were being cruel, I'm sorry so sorry it's the same way down it's the same way to find yourself at lower ground while the flood is coming it's the same way down yeah, the same way to run away from higher ground while the flood is coming I shook my fist and my face burned you looked at me and then something turned, I was sorry yeah I realize that it wasn't you and it was something bigger than me too so I am sorry so sorry I watched them all get in a line and hold out hands one at a time for poison food and anyone who tried to tell was shouted down the pits of hell instead of given gratitude so anger was my first reaction to put you down gave satisfaction I must admit then I saw that we were all the same and we were both part of the game, not the cause of it not the cause of it not the cause