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Under The Tree (The Jelly Jam)

Picture yourself In the shade of a tree. Alone in your thoughts But your held by the breeze. With sand in your fingers And dirt in your hands As you try your best to understand. Don't look at you And don't look at me. Don't hold on to What you think sets you free. Just sit at the end of the road And begin to be still. Where could it be? Under the tree You look for a thread Of what's true in the wind As it passes and then disappears. And you're left there standing To finally face all your fears. Under the tree... yeah It might take a minute. It might fly away. You might have to come back On some other day. But sooner or later An answer will come If you stay for a minute and see. The solitude nightmare That once made you run Is off in the distance... Can't hurt anyone. And maybe there's something To learn in the calm of the sea.