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Betrayer of the Code (The Unguided)

God damned us My voice uncovers, reveals your hidden secrets My songs, they spellbind and brainwash feeble minds On and on I traveled lonesome roads In the savage garden of our world But what am I, where do I come from? Little did I ever know… This is the end of everything (the end of everything) This is the end of all you know (this is the end of all you know) BY THE DARK HEARTS OF MY KIND BY THE FIRE IN MY MIND FORSAKEN, I’LL NEVER BE I AM TO LIVE TO THE END OF THE WORLD AND I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT I AM Dream after dream portrayed twins in terror Their emerald eyes and flaming hair One of them was blind The other walked forever silenced My queen forever I’ll be a slave to you We’ll never be dead to the world again Bane of the fallen king, victim of her change of heart Burning fledglings everywhere and the end of men’s brutality Blood tears they cry As they combust in flames She must be kept Even though it was all her doing Enforcing balance in act of lunacy Now she stands with me (She stands with me) Empower me with your blood “Be my angels in a new world order” The divine offer we declined A primal force of vengeance; The Queen's Fall And the speechless one saved us all She fed on the mind and heart of the damned