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My Own Death (The Unguided)

You think you’re safe when you’re living your simple fishbowl life But I’m closer, I am closer than you think I, the keeper of your time. Or what’s left of it… I’ve counted your every second Since you first entered this world I like to sit beside you (and) listen to your heart and thoughts You always think so much yet you do so very little (You do nothing) You believe you are the one that I have forgotten, I have not I know you and I will never leave you Why do you always wait Until it’s too late? (Too late) You want know why I’m here And where I’m taking you… (My own death) I observe how well you spend your limited seconds of life And I’m afraid to say that you don’t really use them well You misuse loved ones, but once you stop breathing You all go back to the same thought And it makes you heavy to carry (to carry) My own death “I hope they know how much I cared about them” It’s my own death “How much I cared in the court of my heart” My own death And you dare to say that I’m the mystical one? It’s my own death When it’s you that always waits until it’s too late… You think you are safe, but I’m closer than you think You think you are safe in your “own” life…