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Phoenix Down (The Unguided)

In this big panorama of lies, which we came to call life I’m rubbing everything to find, to find that genie inside (inside) A state of not caring for my thoughtless wrongdoings Cause I know by the end of the day there’s no punishment divine Reckless, you walked right into my crosshair (I walked right into) Careless I inscribed my name on your heartstone (You inscribed your name) Loveless I already know my exits And relentless I enjoyed every second of it… The sky is the limit and I’m afraid it’s falling down Don’t you dare to read my mind Because you don’t like, won’t like what you’ll find And the more that you resist me The greater the damage will be Along came another bright eyed demon My last stand was always, always versus her Breaking my armor just to reach the patchwork of my heart Not caring what she wished for cause in the end she wanted it all What you see is never what you get and we both know The sky is the limit and I’m afraid it’s falling down Through the ashes I spread my wings again Why am I cheating death when it’s life that’s the enemy? I bite the bullet and get right up on my feet again. I spread my wings My wings again Why am I cheating death When it is life that's the enemy?