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Where the Frost Rose Withers (The Unguided)

Trapped under ice too long I broke my frozen chains The body saved itself when no mind remained inside The nightmare's over now and I reclaimed my heart this day Your eclipse was all I needed, not your burning scars The wraiths are by my side as I ascend into history We will all gather there, the dark star blackens the way for us Hell is frozen, Heaven's on Fire Whatever is left is for the Unguided When the last flower withers and dies Meet us at the dark side of the sun Leaving our sacred grounds, heading for the battlefield These cold plains we know so well, but we'll take the fight to them Six hundred sixteen strong, the battalion is on the move Our frigid hearts can't calm the inferno raging in our minds No lamentations can save you now Your world must fall and we will rise By the trail of skulls and devoured minds you can follow us With iron banners we'll stake out our path You can follow us to the end Rally all the misanthropes, envenom our adversaries We refuse to live a lie, your kind will be extinct With shattered souls, no regret and black minds We'll end your broken world and take the crown Rally all the misanthropes, your kind will be extinct The invasion has begun, our last stand The invasion has begun, the final stand The invasion has begun, you won't enslave our minds again