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Inner Demon (Massacre)

I infest your mind You’re not part of me I possess your soul Get the fuck out of me Twisted voice from deep inside Twisting schemes in my mind No room for reason Screams my inner demon Inner demon I enhance your hate You just bring me pain I distort your love It’s already been slain Broken feelings transform my thoughts Mistaken senses begin to rot No chance to reason With my inner demon Omni-presence felt – everywhere it dwells Sanity departs – domination starts – ya Inner demon I control your life You’ve already begun I command your being It’s already been done Grotesque visions become so real Distorted dreams now prevail I now have reason To unlock this demon I have opened your mind I unite with you I now own your soul I give myself to you Understand what it’s all for Realise it’s how I endure Done for this reason Release my inner demon Demon Demon Demon