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Try To Hide (Massacre)

Giving to my soul just another way to hide Setting free the dove is the way you talk While your grip stills so tight Away from me and don't look back to feel The sorrow out of mind, you want get frozen You don't realize And y said yeah the sun shines and your fale Turned grey you know the grave yard where your Dreams are buried, tried to run and tried to hide Well you can tell me what have found in this side You see me smile and tears around I've got no faith I live for today you've got a trust That never goes down stay with me and don't look Back you know I never open a trust Giving to my soul another way to be free You know the owner ain't me Don't believe it, no desires, Gotta show me how to you take me higher You never wanted to die, don't even wanted to cry Let's have a real cool time tonight!